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Back in bloom!

IMG_5354As much as I love spending every free waking moment around our little abode; enjoying the t-rex trundle of the chickies running around the yard, the sun baked sweetness of a newly ripened cherry tomato, the smell of fresh dirt rising after watering, and watching time pass before my eyes through the growth of squash in our little yard, sometimes you just need to get away. Through a combination of surplus comp time, an unforeseen jealousy of my husband for having summers off, and a need to expand my world, I was able to string together five whole weeks away from work! Chris and I were able to spend almost three glorious weeks in Costa Rica, with quick adventures in Mexico and Panama to boot. During this time we were able to slow down, float, snorkel, surf, get sun burnt and remind ourselves that life is a never-ending adventure if you allow it. That said, after our sojourn- as well as multiple bouts of sickness, a flat tire, and a 16 hour layover- I was incredibly excited to return to our little home and discover everything in full summer swing! I cannot begin to describe the amount of life packed into our little space, but will try to keep plugging away on the blog in future days to share the many little successes and failures around our micro-homestead.


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