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Happy dad’s day

My dad is simply the best! Who else would request a surf and burrito for his Father’s Day activity of choice? And who else would dedicate an entire Thursday afternoon last week to teaching their daughter how to irrigate her raised beds?! I am beyond thankful for the many lessons, endless love and adventures! While most college freshman entered the dorms with clothes, pillows and excitement on their backs, i additionally left for college with my very own toolbox! My dad had thoughtfully picked out everything I would need to make it on my own, at least as far as drilling holes and sanding a wall were concerned, so that I would feel independent. He is kind, witty and always up to help out with a new project at a moments notice! As I sit in the garden, watching my sweet new sprinkler system working away while I read in the shade, I am beyond thankful for my dad, and all dads out there who teach their daughters that they can do anything they put their minds to! 

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