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Our beautiful temporary abode for the weekend- that garden was amazing!

For any aspiring seed hoping to spread its leaves and grow, the most important first step is extending roots. In addition to providing nourishment, roots provide stability- creating a solid base on which to grow. So too it goes for those roots you establish growing up. This past weekend, I was able to escape the heat and 12 hour work days of the Central Valley and journey to one of my favorite coastal towns for a much needed getaway with my amazing friends I grew up (and to continue to grow) with. As we age, we may all grow in different, splendid arrays of colors and flowers, seeking our own sunlight, but we all come from the same earth, and it was spectacularly relaxing, inspiring, encouraging and fun to catch up!! I think we each left refreshed, reinvigorated, and resolved to continue encouraging each other’s growth! Already can’t wait for the next time! Whew, okay back to the Central Valley- only 2 more weeks to go!

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