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Seasonal tea-reats

Easily one of my favorite garden activities involves plucking plants and immersing them in warm water to create a herbal tea treat! This spring I have already been able to reap the rewards of abundant rain and sun by harvesting the now overabundant crimson clover, red clover and chamomile that have recently sprung up! IMG_4772 As I may have previously mentioned, purposely planting clover in my front yard and herb container felt like a risky move, as I loathed allocating any of my precious weekend time to removing oxalis from the yard. But fear not, these crimson beauties ended up adding color, sweetness and an exuberance of bees to our yard. My mom originally bought the seed packet for me, after I was having a difficult time tracking down red clover for a friend, and not thinking they would actually take (as most of my seed sowing adventures have lead me to believe). As such, instead of dispersing the seeds over the 175 recommended feet on the packet, I planted them all in a small area the size of an arm span. Well, it turns out I may not have a green thumb, but a crimson thumb, as they have absolutely flourished in the front (despite my almost complete neglect)! The seed packet read “Flowers can be harvested and dried to make a delicious tea with a light, refreshing flavor,” so while they may not be the red clover I was hoping to grow for my friend (see picture), I am delighted to try them out as a tea! I can’t mention enough how much I LOVE making tea! While there are multiple ways to dry out the leaves, in this case I just strung up little bunches of the flowers I was interested in with hemp cord (though you could probably use any other type of light cordage), and adhered them to my dinning room chair (I have been away so it hasn’t gotten much use lately), and I hope that the next time I make it home, I will have a lovely tea waiting for me!

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