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Last fall feast

As spring is now in full bloom, the space previously allocated to fall treats has quickly been torn up to make room for spring and summer visitors. Just like spring and summer tourists L1220591the world over, the veggies flocking in are only likely to stick around for a few months to soak up the sunshine and enjoy the water. The fall tenants of our garden space however, were more of the hardy variety, sticking it out through storms and the cold. And while they didn’t pay the high rent tax of summer, their debt was paid in delicious garlic cloves and savory leeks! I recently plucked the last vestiges of fall and made a delicious garlic, leek omelet for brekky. One thing I love about the garden is that it forces me to appreciate the seasons, so thank you fall veggies for providing some lovely treats during the cold days of winter, and here is to dusting off the beach towels and sunscreen and welcoming our summer guests 🙂


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