nature / outside

A walk on the wild (flower) side



Of course one of my favorites was out and about as well, stretching their own “legs” after a long winter

For those times when I lament the office days… when my vision starts to blur from staring at a computer screen and my legs go numb in protest of the ennui of  a sedentary life…. for those days, I am incredibly grateful to turn off the computer and set foot outside to explore the lovely backyard of our little coastal town. Today, nature put on a spectacular display, with wildflowers galore- resplendent in their spring colors and reminding the weary, out of shape hiker that its okay to move slow and appreciate their beauty along the trail. Of course not all flowers are friends, as I realized with terror that a lovely green patch was composed almost entirely of poison oak. However, pending rashes aside, it is always worth the effort to slow down and take a peek at what nature can produce on a given Wednesday after work. I wish I knew more about the lovely trail companions I had today, but other than the CA poppy and blackberry blossoms, I couldn’t tell an oak tree from a clover. I did read recently that poppies can be used to make a sedative tea… won’t need to try that out tonight though, as I think I easily exhausted myself on my jaunt.

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