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I think gardens are often a true reflection of our inner hearts. Some are manicured and organized- with every leaf and lemon in place, while others are scheduled and productive, with fruit and veggies tumbling off the vines. Still others, are in it for the looks, either for their own appreciation or to inspire ire from neighbors. Finally there are those of us who garden because they like having a bit of wildness in their lives. Sure I love to dream about what I would like to grow (which is about as close as I get to planning), but at this time of year, as the winds and sea switch to those sure-fire signs of fall, I can sit in my little garden chair and look out onto a sea of green and wonder how on earth it got here and where did half of this stuff come from?? Sure Chris build beautiful boxes to house our veggie hopes this year, but nature quickly decided otherwise.IMG_5648

Sure we had a little plan for what we wanted to plant this year, but spontaneous purchases of seed packets at the garden store and random volunteers prevail. I think for each of our beds, a quarter of what dwells currently is there because of its shear will to rise up from the pile of compost from whence it came, and demand sunlight and water for its efforts. Who am I to pull it from the dirt? I also have a growing habitat of sprouting things I am curious about. Case in point this little ginger plant who started out as neglected ginger from the grocery store. I must have left this little ginger nodule for a month in a dark bin before I realized it had sprouted! Curious to see what would happen if I let it continue its lustful gusto for life, I put it in a little plot to watch what happens! Turns out ginger is lovely, and I am hoping that I may now have a little stash of this delightful flavor in close proximity to the kitchen 🙂 Suffice it to say, as I sit here watching the sun set over a garden that could easily be mistaken for a wild field, I realize that it is this uncontrollable mess of life that so attracts me to our little outdoor space, and the curiosity of life which continually compels we to ask what would happen if I gave it a chance?IMG_5646

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