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Seed the movie

I am home….at least for this week before setting sail next week again, this time out to sea! It feels stupendous to be back in the garden and get reacquainted with the now teenage version of the little sprouts and seeds I left 6 weeks ago. And while I plan to spend the remainder of the afternoon getting my remaining veggies in the ground and covering our raised beds with a good layer of mulch, this morning, in an effort to make up for lost time, I wore myself out and had to take a little break indoors. While I am generally more of an outdoor lady than inside, after six weeks spent on boats in the Central Valley, I may have gained my proverbial “sea-legs,” while inadvertently exchanging them for my garden legs (or arms as it were).  Sunburnt and sore (yea yea please insert judgement here),  I decided to spend my lunchtime curled up on the couch with this lovely, inspiring film, Seed: the untold story ( If ever there was a time to become involved in gardening and seed saving, now is the time! I was inspired by the many folks, around the world, striving to preserve the diversity and integrity of seeds for the future. From issues in the US regarding large petrochemical companies owning seed patents, to independent farms in India striving to protect their health and environment, I found this film to be the perfect inspiration I needed to push on this afternoon for round two…this time with sunscreen! Stay tuned for updated pictures of the garden, it is really starting to feel like summer around these parts!!

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