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Birthday spoils

IMG_469432?!! Where exactly has all the time gone? I feel like it was just yesterday that I was celebrating my bday at the roller rink, concerned only about my “hokey-pokey” skills, and somehow I blinked and I am celebrating 32! Not to fear younger self, I think this year, I am going to focus on maintaining the wonder and joy of those early years. Starting immediately with the amazing and beyond thoughtful gifts I received this year from those I love:

To maintain my wonder with critters big and small: I received a little bug bungalow and hope to get an up close look at the small insects that also call our residence home.

To gift nature to others: I hope to use my old flower press (which my parents were able to dig out of the closet, which even still had a pressed flower in it!)  to press beautiful flowers for cards.

To learn more about the natural environment around me: I hope to utilize a delightful native plant book for California (thanks Sas and Dash!)

To derive as much enjoyment from the garden as possible: Use my beautiful new garden shears outside (I have the most amazing in-laws!)

And to provide for our local natural residents: plant some beautiful hummingbird flowers!

I also hope to use the sweet canoe paddles my hubby bought to get the sweet canoe I found on the side of the road a few months back in the water! The sign read “floats good,” so I am hopeful it will carry us on many a watery adventure. I started by bday with a little trip up North, and between the gorgeous coastal views and later celebrating with the closest people in my life, I hope for this next year that I am able to return the thought and love received from those I love.

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